Kanawha County
Drawing, Glassworking & Forming, Painting, Printmaking, Public Art Design & Production, Sculpting, Textile Design & Artistry

Sharon Lyn Stackpole

My art is a means of visual communication and healing through expression. I use figurative studies as another form of poetry, expressing emotion through the human form. I also employ motifs from nature: flowers, fish, birds, et al, because their forms are aesthetically lovely, but they also have specific symbolism and connotations. Creating a work of art should be like writing a letter: rich in content, with many layers and levels, and highly personal to the viewer. It’s all about the dialogue and interpretation, shared experience.


I am a painter, illustrator, and writer. I received the Berliner Art Prize in 2016 and, in 2015, my work was auctioned in a charity gala benefiting Doctors Without Borders at the Blenheim Palace through the Global Art Agency. I am a member of Allied Artists of West Virginia. I use all media but I also enjoy innovating within media and seeing how they can be used differently.

I studied painting and art history at West Virginia University.