2022 Emerging ARtist Fellowship

Who is an Emerging Artist?

Who is an emerging artist? For the purposes of this fellowship program, we define an emerging artist as “an artist who shows exceptional promise, who has mastered the basic techniques in their art form, and who is attempting to launch a professional career in the arts.” Quite simply, it is an artist who is professionally unrecognized but stylistically evolved. Additional considerations of an emerging artist: 1) Eligible artists will have been working in their field for at least one year, but no more than three years. Preference will be given to artists who have been out of school for at least one year. 2) Age of the artist is not a consideration. Individuals who are mid-career and have chosen to switch to an artistic pursuit in a professional capacity are eligible. 3) An artist who may have a “day job” at the time of application but can demonstrate that he/she is pursuing their art form as a full-time career. 


Application Form

2022 Emerging Artist Application Form

Emerging Artist Applicant Information

please use full URL. (Example: www.Facebook.com/TamarackFoundation or www.Instagram.com/TamarackFoundation
Gallery of Work: provide between 4 and 10 examples of your work. *
Maximum upload size: 5MB
Documentation & Attachments *
Maximum upload size: 5MB
Please be sure to upload all of the following documentation: Professional Resume/CV: no longer than 3 pages detailing your professional experience • Professional Documentation (4): two pieces that may include articles, letters of support, programs, reviews, or anything concerning the applicant’s professional experience.
Maximum upload size: 12MB
Please upload a list of at least 2 references with contact information that we may reach out to regarding your creative and or professional experience. For each reference, please include phone, email, title/position & relationship to you.