Artists and creatives who take part in Made in West Virginia showcase their businesses by telling the story of how and why their work matters. Businesses on Made in West Virginia leverage beautiful photography and compelling storytelling methods to help engage new people in understanding the value of creative enterprise. Businesses that take part in this online platform attract people from near and far who are committed to investing in West Virginia made art. Direct links to business websites are provided front and center so interested people may move forward with purchasing when ready.

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All artists and creatives represented on Made in West Virginia are asked to meet the basic eligibility requirements listed here:

Artist or creative…

  1. …is a member of the West Virginia Creative Network.
  2. …produces at least one type of salable artistic object.
  3. …maintains a website devoted to the creative business.

Applications are considered by an independent committee who consider the following:

Regarding the Artistic Product:

On behalf of the creator, the artistic product(s) displays…

  1. …a high level of quality in design.
  2. …evidence of superior technical ability and craftsmanship in execution.
  3. …overall success in creativity and originality.

Regarding Business Marketing & Communications:

In the application responses…

  1. The artist or creative clearly and compellingly articulates the value of the product(s).
  2. The product photography exhibits a high degree of professionalism.

On the business website…

  1. The business website clearly and accurately reflects the artist or creative’s body of work.
  2. The business website clearly communicates options regarding how to purchase the artist or creative’s work.

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Regarding Tamarack Juried Artists

Successful applicants for Made in West Virginia are evaluated not only by the quality of their artistic product, but also by the marketing and presentation of their business as a whole, including product photography, website, brand communications, and other standards. For these reasons, Tamarack: The Best of West Virginia juried artists are asked to submit an application to the Made in West Virginia for evaluation.


After registering an account on our website, artists have access to applications for the West Virginia Creative Network, Made in West Virginia and Trails.

We ask that artists submit and are accepted to the West Virginia Creative Network prior to applying for Made in West Virginia and Trails.

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