As small business owners, artists are often asked not only to produce the creative products that are the engine of their enterprise, but also to serve as their own in-house team including accounting, marketing and public relations, contract negotiation and legal work, and other roles.

The team at the foundation is building a Reduced Rate Service Provider Network comprised of member companies who value the contributions of artists living and working in their communities, and are willing to lend their expertise to these small business owners at a reduced rate.

We are currently seeking the following types of consultants and companies to take part in the pilot year of this program:*

  • Graphic design + website design/development
  • Public relations
  • Advertising
  • Film/video
  • Visual merchandising and booth presentation
  • Salesmanship and customer service
  • Photography
  • Accounting + financial management
  • Legal

If you’re an artist…

Join the West Virginia Creative Network. Membership in the Creative Network is the first step to being considered for reduced rate services. Visit the Network and click “Join Our Creative Network” in the top, right-hand corner of the page to begin the registration and application process.

Go to the West Virginia Creative Network »

If you’re a service provider…

Become a member of the Reduced Rate Service Provider Network. Email [email protected] to learn more about the process of becoming a member.

Pilot year member benefits include:

  • Name, logo, promotional details of business on foundation website
  • Name, promotional details of business in Tamarack Foundation U Dispatch monthly email sent to 2000 West Virginia artists
  • Interview with select representative from service provider’s business on Tamarack Foundation website blog, associated publicity on foundation social media accounts
  • Personal referrals from foundation staff, board, and committee members given to artists on behalf of service provider
  • Name, logo recognition at organization’s annual fundraising event

Additional benefits to be determined as foundation tests marketing methods during pilot year of program.

* Don’t see your business type listed here, but know you have something to offer to help artist businesses in West Virginia? Email [email protected] with your thoughts.