Cabell County
BFA Studio Arts - concentration in Drawing (Shawnee State University)
Drawing, Painting

Brandy Jefferys

I paint & draw the people, places & things around me. Working from life (or photos if needed) is an integral part of my work. The purest joy in art making for me comes from the translations between what I’m observing and what I’m making.

I’m a fairly straight-forward ADD type of person. Very rare is it when I can slow myself down and do one thing at a time. However, when I’m “in the zone” concentrating on a drawing or painting, I reach this meditative-like state. And this is one of the major reasons I make art. It focuses me like nothing else.


I am an artist living in Huntington, WV. I paint & draw the people, places & things around me. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art in 2012 at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio. For me, the joy in creating lies in the very acts of looking at my subject and the interpretation into color and form. The solving of a visual puzzle and honing of your skills are what keeps me making art. The fact that you have a work that can then be shared with and admired by others is all gravy.