Greenbrier County

Courtney McCoy

I believe a successful artist never captures a moment, but actually releases it to others. With my photography, I strive to transcend the documentary nature of the format by the sheer force of the experience. My work is both a reflection and an expression in that I do not aim or plan a shot, but instead allow myself to be found within it as it occurs.


As an artist, I see things differently. I am a very creative and curious person by nature. I want to take you on a visual journey so you may see how I view the world behind my lens.

I am a true West Virginian at heart, but because I’m a military brat, I’ve changed my address more times that I can count. I spent the first two years of school in Darmstadt, Germany. We came back to the states to live near the rest of our family in southern West Virginia.

I currently reside in a small farming community here in WV where I am surrounded by the beauty of nature and left to my quiet life with my longtime boyfriend and our two mischievous cats.