Jefferson County

Daniel L. Rogers

Steel & Stone was created in 2008 to provide a growing area the needs and wants of ornamental ironwork and natural stonework. In recent years, my preferred method of designing and creating involved the use of aesthetics and function to play on one another. By incorporating methods of joining the metal with traditional techniques (such as mortise and tenon), you allow the viewer to appreciate and recognize the means at which the material has rendered itself useful in the task of holding itself together without modern electric welding. This ancient craft has given me an inner joy and peace that I simply cannot put into words.


My name is Daniel L. Rogers and I am a self-employed, full-time Artist-Blacksmith/Stonemason. My home and studio is located in Jefferson County, WV. The intense exposure of working in a blacksmiths environment has always felt common place to me. My fascination with metal started while working as a steel pipe-fitter apprentice at the age of 18. As my knowledge of the trade grew, so did my thoughts on the various uses of metal, particularly steel. I learned the methods of cutting and welding and soon began constructing a variety of steel objects from metal during my free time. It wasn’t until meeting a local blacksmith that my interest in artistic metal work would spike like a fever. My pursuits in blacksmithing range from designing and creating sculptures as well as architectural elements such as handrails, gates, lighting and fencing, to interior furnishings and fireplace accessories. My stonework involves the use of ‘natural’ stone to construct walls, walkways, fireplaces, patios, etc.

My apprenticeship as an Artist-Blacksmith started while working under the watchful eye of Lee Badger at Anvil Works. I am an active member of the Artist-Blacksmith Association of North America (ABANA) as well as an active member of the Berkeley Arts Council.