Kanawha County
B.A. English with an Art minor (WVSU)
Drawing, Woodworking

Daniel Riffle

I am a cabinetmaker and fine woodworker from St. Albans, WV. My work ranges from furniture to decorative boxes. My work tends to begin with traditional forms that are creatively re-interpreted with modern flair and experimental joinery.


I am a lifelong West Virginian and a lifelong woodworker. I started tinkering with wood scraps and a pocket knife as a kid. My first “commission” was a paddle for my sixth grade teacher (remarkably, it was only used on me one time.).

Woodworking was a hobby for me into adulthood, always with the gnawing thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to make a living doing this?” An opportunity came in 2008 to work with Gary Brightbill in his shop. That informal apprenticeship built the foundation for my woodworking business, WoodVox.