Marshall County
B.A. Fine Arts (Concord College)
Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting, Sculpting, Bone Carving

Eric D. Dye

I enjoy the creative process, no matter the medium. So, I work in oils, watercolor, pastels, charcoal, and pencil, and carve in stone, wood, and bone ivory. I try to capture the inner essence of an object, or landscape so that the viewer can identify with it.

My work has been influenced by: John James Audubon’s bird paintings; two years living in East Africa, where I was exposed to a vibrant mix of cultures and colors; the impressionism of Robert Brackman and the sculptural realism of Elizabeth Chandler at Lyme Academy; and from teaching Graphic Design/Print Technology to the challenges of Plein Air painting. A fascination with Greek, Norse, and Native American mythology, as well as Biblical themes, also provide a rich source of inspiration for my art work.


I am an exhibiting artist, as well as a “plein air” (“open air”) enthusiast, landscape painter, and sculptor; working in a variety of media. In addition to studies at Concord College, I studied at the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts under Robert Brackman, Elizabeth Gordon Chandler, and Michael Lantz.