New Media & Video
Kanawha County
B.A. Journalism (Marshall University), Certificate in Documentary Arts, Center for Documentary Studies (Duke University).
Photography, Sound

Eric Douglas

Photography is everywhere these days, so I have decided to go back to the beginning. I began in the days of black and white dark rooms, but I wanted to go back further, by challenging convention by printing my images in blue, using the sunlight print technique of cyanotype.



I tell stories with words, audio and photos.

I’ve worked as a photographer for many years, but most recently, I’ve been focusing on the original printing technique of cyanotype. This allows me to focus on the image, but also uses an old/new technique that involves the sun.

I’ve also worked with FestivALL to capture dozens of oral histories in the Kanawha Valley. West Virginia has a rich history, but our personal stories are often lost. I work to capture those stories in the form of oral histories. Oral histories are recordings that capture day-to-day memories. Too often those stories are lost when older generations pass away and I am working to record as many of them as I can, while teaching others to do it for themselves. I’ve even written a book on ‘how to” record your own oral histories.

My fiction work takes readers around the world, above and below the water. My nonfiction works have covered a book on West Virginia war veterans, one on a breast cancer survivor.