Bath and body
Berkeley County
Bath & Body Product making

Eric Young

Mountaineer Brand is a brother/sister team from Shepherdstown, WV. We handcraft 100% Natural Beard and body care products. Only natural, pure ingredients go into our products, allowing you to get back to basics—from head to toe. You will never see artificial ingredients or chemicals in our products—guaranteed.

Owner Eric Young’s epic beard is enough to make anyone want to grow a beard. Gone are the days when guys wake, wash, and go, making wiry, out of control beards a thing of the past. Our first product, WV Timber Beard Oil, launched in 2013. Three short years later, our line has expanded to over 50 products available across the globe.


When I started Mountaineer Brand I was a recent widower, father of three young children, and underemployed. I was growing my annual “fall beard,” and I thought about keeping the beard this time. Beard products were new to the market and after a few searches on the Web it was painfully evident that this was yet another thing I was going to have to do without. Until it wasn’t. I created Mountaineer Brand for people like me and for anyone who wants luxury without sacrifice.