Fashion Design, Glassworking & Forming, Graphic Design, Jewelry making, Photography

Greg Wagner

My creations are exclusive, one of a kind designs created in my Maysel, West Virginia studio. I design each item and in most cases I throw away the mold and make something different each time. I enjoy creating new designs rather than making more of the same. I take great pride in bringing you only the finest new designs and using the best raw materials.

All lamp-work glass beads are created one at a time and are kiln annealed for 2 hours at 980 degrees for durability.  All jewelry is made from hypoallergenic materials and I also do custom work at no extra charge.


I am the designer and owner of R&G’s Creations located in Maysel, West Virginia. I make lamp-work glass beads and then make jewelry out of the beads.

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