Dobbs Creative Carpentry
Marshall County

Gregory Dobbs

Dobbs Creative Carpentry was founded in early 2016 when I was facing an employment layoff due to the closure of the company I worked for. Dobbs Creative Carpentry specializes in custom wood furniture especially in the rustic, country style. Our most popular items are our farmhouse style tables made from solid reclaimed oak lumber. I have crafted several other rustic style pieces as well. My dream is to expand our business so that we can revive the woodworking profession in our area. I want to encourage others who have a passion for this type of work and to teach my 3 boys about woodworking.


I am a woodworker from Moundsville, WV. I have a passion for creating all types of wood furniture and decor. I especially love to combine the past with the future by using reclaimed local lumber in my pieces. I work from all my own designs when building and have been operating a custom wood furniture business for the past 1.5 years but have been doing woodworking as a hobby since I was young. I was motivated to start my own woodworking business because I wanted to have my career be something that I love and have a passion for. I am self taught but have connected with several other more experienced creatives for advice and suggestions.