Cabell County
Photography Certificate (University of Tennessee)
Jewelry making

Jason Carnes

My passion for teaching and my interest in coin ring making both share a similar theme. Making jewelry out of coins represents how we as individuals can transform and break through the label wall placed upon us by the world. We should not let the perceptions of the world limit our future, we are our own artist. Let your inner artist free and craft your own dreams.


Since I can remember, I’ve always had a love for creating and being able to see beauty in art. I’ve always found myself engaged in some form of artistic endeavor. When I was younger I found myself exploring various forms of artistic media. I enjoy learning various crafts. I have been a photographer for over a decade. I am certified to teach photography classes in the state of West Virginia. I taught Photography classes for Putnam County’s Community Program for a few years. I also learned how to digital paint and I am currently learning woodturning. I have been a web designer for over 16 years.

It started when I came across a video about making coin rings. Something about it struck a cord with me. People place a low value on coinage, but here was an artist crafting a piece of art out of something most people would not pick off the ground. What was once valued at 25 cents by the world now crafted by an artisan into a piece of jewelry has broken through the perceived label wall. The coin isn’t just reshaped, but it is transformed and the way people perceive it is transformed too. This concept resonates with me.

I am currently getting my degree in Education from West Virginia State University, and I also work for Putnam County Schools as a teacher’s aide helping students with special needs. I have a strong passion for teaching, not just because we are sharing knowledge. As a teacher I am helping craft future generations of individuals to realize they are worth more than what they or anyone else might place upon them. I hope to teach that we should not let labels dictate our future. If they wish to apply themselves and work hard they can craft their own future. Each and every one of them are worth so much more than what they might have imagined or what limitations the world has placed upon them. I do not see people as a number, as each one is a unique artisan searching to find their own inner artist.