Bourgeois Furniture, Cabinets & More
Berkeley County
Architecture, Installation Art Design & Production, Sculpting, Woodworking

Joseph Bourgeois

My work is inspired by the physical environment — its independence of and dependence upon the social environment. I aim to make articles that will bring beauty and utility to the home. These are brought together by my attempts to help those with whom I come in contact to develop their own style in their homes using wood and learning its language. I attempt to help people to make their house a home.


I began woodworking at the age of 12 with a cabinet maker. After completing an undergraduate degree at Harvard University and working as a teacher and a minister for 16 years, I began working as a construction general contractor. In 2005, I built a shop and began building furniture and cabinets. I am now the President of the Washington Street Artists’ Cooperative and a member of the Berkeley Art Cooperative. I am also helping Charles Town, WV set up an arts and culture district. I make furniture, cabinets, sculptures, and objets d’art.