Randolph County
Basketmaking, Drawing, Painting, Woodworking

Katy Davis McClane

Creating art makes me feel that I have power over natural forces. I work with the idea that nature is in charge, and we need to remind ourselves about this fact from time to time. It is enjoyable to take materials such as paper, paint, or natural vines and work them into shapes that I find pleasing. Folk tales and dreams are very appealing to me and so elements of fantasy enter in to my drawing and painting.


I have been drawing, painting, and playing flute since childhood. A graduate of Slippery Rock University, I have always drawn inspiration from both music and visual art. In my studio, Woodland Creations WV, I cut and paint wooden art doors, paint in oils and mixed media. I offer live flute music in whatever space available. I teach flute lessons at the Art Center in Elkins, WV. I narrate and play music on scenic excursion trains from Elkins on the Durbin and Greenbrier Valley Railroad. I serve on the Elkins Tree Board and am a WVU Master Gardener Volunteer for the City of Elkins.