Cabell County

Mary Almond

I am an award winning, internationally selling Fine Art Photographer & Digital Artist, whose art has been featured in publications, and magazines throughout the U.S. My art is also a welcomed addition to the walls of homes, and businesses throughout the world. I am also a member of both Tamarack, and the Tri-State Art Association as well. My main goal as an artist is to remind people of the beauty that is all around us – and that we do indeed live in a wondrous world.

An outsider, self-taught artist, I am proficient in several expressive styles including photography, abstract fractals, digital paintings, and CGI. I translate my artistic vision of the world at the pixel level, and expands it to crystal clear clarity. My unique, and distinctive vision can transport you to a serene mountain forest, take you on a journey to an alien planet, or delight you with the abstract patterns within a fractal.


I am a Barboursville, West Virginia artist, who chose to use the camera, and the computer, as my mediums of expression. I’m skillful in several expressive styles of art incuding photography, CGI, digital painting, and abstract art created with fractals. I am a self-taught artist with no formal teachings. The World Wide Web, is my teacher, and my inspiration.