Metalworking, Woodworking

Matthew Hackworth

Hackworth’s Wood and Steel was founded in 2015 when, after searching for a high quality Christmas present for my grandmother, I realized that I could do it better. After a lot of personal trial and error, I honed my skills, and my business was formed. We create artwork from different types of metal using wood occasionally as accent pieces. We prefer to use old barn wood or wood we mill ourselves. Our metal of choice is always stainless steel due to its extreme durability.


I am a Southern West Virginia artisan that specializes in metal and wood working. As a welder, fabricator, and amateur blacksmith, making a Christmas present for my grandmother started my journey into what is now Hackworth’s Wood and Steel, llc. I enjoy working with different metals but my metal of choice is always stainless steel. When you start with a quality foundation, your house will always stand. My wife and I work together to create our artwork, each contributing our special talents.