Marion County
B.F.A. Painting (Art Academy of Cincinnati), B.F.A. Art History, Museum Studies (Art Academy of Cincinnati), M. A. Anthropology (Eastern New Mexico University).

Melissa May

I am a painter inspired by music, poetry and the natural environment. Through abstraction, I am able to focus on the pure pleasure of color, pattern, texture and the process of painting. I look for connections between ideas and am interested in the human experience and spirituality. I hope my work conveys the beauty and the energy of the living world and that the viewer finds their own personal connections to the art. Others have described my paintings as: organic, transformative, atavistic, manifesting female divinity, and evocative of the primal.


My parents tell me I declared myself an artist at age four and I have been pursuing this passion ever since — through Saturday art classes at the Cincinnati Art Museum, to private lessons, art college, graduate school, and lots of practice. I love the creative process and even with lots of study still find it somewhat of a mystery. I have lived in Germany, Turkey, Ohio, New York City, New Mexico, Florida and West Virginia and have been strongly influenced by each place. I enjoy capturing some of that in my paintings. I have exhibited my work over the past forty years across the United States and as far away as Australia and am included in numerous private collections.