Wild Onion Photography
Hampshire County

Melissa Snell

Wild Onion Photography grew out of my love of capturing the images of birds and other wild life. I shoot all images in raw and manually control all settings on my camera to gain the greatest creative control. Most of my images are captured in West Virginia and Virginia and include wildlife, landscapes, and rural scenes. Although I sell large framed images, I also put my images on greeting cards, note cards, coasters, and other items to make art available to everyone.


I am a photographer of wildlife, landscapes, and rural scenes and produce framed pictures as well as greeting cards and note cards. I started as a birder wanting to capture the bird’s image in the field to enjoy back home, and after retirement in 2012 expanded my interests and started selling my work. Although I use a Canon DSLR, I shoot everything in manual and raw to ensure I have complete creative control.