2022 Sycamore Street
Wayne County
B.F.A Photoghery, Minor History (Marshall University)

Michael Blankenship

Affordable and professional portrait and family photographer. I am trying to establish myself for some freelance work (Note) Still building up the page. Sorry about the barebones of it.


Hello, my name is Michale Dane Blankenship, I go by Dane Blankenship. I am a photographer/artist who lives and works in the Huntington metro area, I live in Kevona to be more specific. Where to start? I studied at Marshall University and graduated in 2018. I started my life and education in the arts a little in life than some people at the age of 25, but that worked has worked out in the long view. I work mainly with digital and cyanotype at the moment, but I have also used 35mm film, 120mm film, pinhole camera, and photogram. I’ve also worked in other mediums as well like woodblock, drypoint, textiles, weveing, painting, and all the other stuff that every person who has ever been to art school has worked in at least once.