Monroe County

Mike and Judy McDade

Jamit ! Baskets started in 1994, out of a need to find a job or trade that could be done from home.

After making the first basket from a kit, we moved on to books. Our specialty is in rib designs with antlers and local found wood and wildtree vines. Also, utilitarian designed baskets are a favorite of Judy, and Mike is the Rib Man. Together we offer a wide variety of designs. Finding a way to make extra money and enjoying what you are doing is great. We both love to talk baskets to anyone interested and get to meet the nicest people in the process.


I, Judy, started our basket business in 1994. I discovered that baskets were something we enjoyed doing after completing a Basket Kit. Next, came books, which gave me the basics of weaving. In 1995, QVC Home Shopping Network ordered 500 “Molly Baskets” for their live show broadcast in Charleston. That is when Mike began making baskets as well. We had 10 weeks to make 500 baskets. That is 50 completed each week for the full 10 weeks. We both have experience in management and managed to complete all baskets on time. Since then, we have made many baskets as well as sold and exhibited in galleries.

Our training and experience comes from books and first hand making them. We are self taught weavers. Our designs are originals and of course we make the classic designed baskets, egg, rib,market, and bread too. Chair weaving is another added feature to our work. We also do restoration work on old baskets.