Mercer County
B.A in Studio Art (Concord University), M.F.A in Fine Art - Concentration in Ceramics (The University of Mississippi)
Ceramics and Pottery, Graphic Design, Photography

Norma Acord

Being surrounded by my family has informed who I am. My family has informed the choices I have made in producing work; they have stressed the importance of self-worth, family involvement, and self-sufficiency. Rituals, family gatherings, femininity and pride are layers that have made me who I am today. I have defined my work as beautiful, delicate, elegant and pristine, which are all qualities I have or hope to have within myself. I have found these qualities in many places in my work and have rendered them in my forms as well as my surfaces. Whatever the form, surface, or color, the objects I have created collectively form a self-portrait.


I am a potter who primarily works in porcelain. The choice of work displayed depicts the love for making objects that would be used in those celebratory moments with family, and speaks on the love of femininity, domesticity and utilitarian object.