Raleigh County

Patty Solari

PCS ART was started in January 2019. I have a wide range of subject matter from birds to trees done in colored pencil/mixed media. Colored pencils give me a very wide range of brilliant colors. Mixed media (including airbrushing, ink, acrylics, graphite and pastels) allows me to showcase a subject in just the right way. My goal is when someone sees one of my art pieces they instantly see that perfect spot in their home where that particular picture needs to live. I also enjoy the fact that I’m helping to spread the word about the versatility and beauty of colored pencils as they are often overlooked as a valid medium in fine art. I hope to see my business grow as I grow as an artist providing clients with art they will enjoy for years to come.


I am a self-taught colored pencil and mixed media artist. I live and work in Beckley, West Virginia, but was born in Virginia and raised in Maryland. I have been living in West Virginia since my marriage in 1975 with the exception of a few years out of state while working in the construction industry. My art career started when an adult coloring book and 12 pencils were given to me in 2015. It so captivated me that I soon started using online tutorials and videos and membership in multiple Facebook groups to expand my knowledge about colored pencils and learn the techniques and tools involved in using them. In 2018 I started creating my own art. Since then I have continued to learn and experiment by drawing some of the things we might see in everyday life. Although colored pencils remain my primary medium, I now incorporate mixed media into my artwork with airbrushing, ink, acrylics, graphite and pastels.