Seth Pitt

Most of the characters presented in my work are over-saturated concepts derived from musing on things I’ve experienced, things I’ve watched occur, or things I’ve learned from little stories I’ve picked up along the way. The inspiration for such work is much like a little windup up musical box, popping out suddenly and at random, as I wander about.

I like my work to walk the line between a children’s story and worthwhile book of poetry. The majority of the most meaningful revelations that I’ve come to in my life are at once deeply profound, oddly silly, and quite simple. That being said, I like to reflect the amalgamation of those notions in my work.


I’m an illustrator and writer living and working out of Thomas, WV. There I co-own the White Room Art Gallery and am the proprietor of Creature, a solo space dedicated to my own work. I’m self taught and entered the field of the arts by way of notebook sketches, stick-men and a fierce dedication to daydreaming. I dabble in all sorts of media, but the most substantial bodies of work I have are mixed media collage and hand drawn illustrations. I’m a member of the Tamarack Foundation’s Rural to Urban program, a juried artist in Tamarack and show my work in 12 different art spaces nationally.