Squid Ink
Cabell County
Animation, Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Public Art Design & Production, Sculpting, Traditional Illustration

Sidney McCoy

Squid Ink is an independent, freelance, commission based personal business. It has been in business privately since 2015. At the start of 2019, Squid Ink opened as a public platform to purchase prints/commission pieces. Squid Ink sells all types of art done in various mediums.


My name is Sid and I am currently residing in a rural portion of Cabell county, West Virginia. I am an illustrator that focuses on psychedelic, whimsical, imaginative visuals. I can do all types of art: illustrations for books, album covers, portraits, character designs and logos. I work in all mediums: acrylic, oil, watercolor, colored pencil, ceramics, etc.  All of my work is child friendly!

I am self-taught up to now, until I go to college. I have been drawing for many years. I have been to congressional workshops in Charleston and the Huntington Museum of Art. I have won multiple 1st place awards and nothing less than 2nd in my competitive career. I am also a proud artisan at Tamarack! Art is not only a career option, it’s something I do because I love it!