Jewelry making, Metalworking

Teresa Young

The beauty of my home state, the uniqueness of its people and culture, and my passion and love for my art leave me constantly inspired. I find the most inspiration in nature and many of my designs include flowers, birds, and dragonflies. I strive to create diverse pieces and my interests and style vary, including modern, rustic, and contemporary.

I create each piece through a combination of forging and hand-fabricating at my studio in the small town of Culloden, West Virginia. I manipulate different materials using precise technique to craft bracelets, earrings, rings, pendants, and necklaces complete with chain. Every handcrafted piece is a reflection of me and the passion I have for my art.


I am a self-taught jewelry artist living and working in the mountains of West Virginia. A descendant from generations of Appalachian craftspeople, I have spent the last two decades devoting myself to the art of jewelry making and design. Working initially as a beading artist, my knowledge of design and technique has grown to include working with metals (sterling silver, copper, bronze and brass), cabochons, enamel and lapidary.