The Letter Lady
Putnam County

Terry Quentrill

I believe that art and creativity are in all of us.  My encouragement to young or new artists is to create every day. Join a group that will support your endeavors. Learn from others and emulate their techniques. Sometimes my art is readily accepted and other times not, but that doesn’t stop me from creating what is within me.

The overall presentation is what makes people stop to admire. Technique, words and design choices are what bring the viewer in and keeps them spellbound.  I have always loved the written word and the power to create art that visually and spiritually speaks to someone.


I am a native West Virginian who first learned the art of lettering when I was 20 years young.  Since then I have continued my studies through private and public learning experiences.  Under the tutelage of Yvette Rutledge, an engraver, I learned my first lettering forms. With Yvette and several other avid lettering artists, I became one of the founding members of the Charleston Calligrapher’s Guild in Charleston, WV.  I have promoted the art of lettering in West Virginia by teaching for many years, sharing my love of letters at Cedar Lakes Crafts Center in Ripley, WV;  through classes on the Community Education level; public workshops and private lessons.  I also facilitates local workshops with internationally known calligraphic artists.

Through lettering, I have found a way to tap into my creative soul; using such mediums as watercolors, pastels, acrylics, gouache, inks and gold, I create expressive calligraphic works of art.   I continue to study letterforms and expressive art techniques under such well-known artists such as Peter Thornton, Thomas Ingmire, Lisa Engelbrecht, Jacqueline Sullivan, Sherri Kiesel, John Stevens and others.

I have numerous local clients and references can be provided upon requests.  I am available to letter special commissions/gifts, certificates, presentations, proclamations, wedding invitations and more.