Kanawha County

Thomas Dean

Images make a connection between our hearts and our brains, and as a West Virginia Landscape Photographer and Digital Artist, I strive to capture scenes that evoke that emotional connection. Photography is the medium I have chosen to create images using light, color, and motion that help me convey that experience to you. Having been born and raised in West Virginia, I feel blessed with such an endless canvas to work with, and hope to share that beauty with others.


I am a West Virginia Landscape Photographer whose roots in
art were ingrained from childhood by my father who was an avid painter and wood carver. I have become accustomed to seeing any blank surface
as a canvas waiting to be developed, and a love of digital art and an eye for seeing compositions all around me has sparked a new enthusiasm for
creating rich and vivid pieces.

My goal is to make those outside of West Virginia, to feel a need to see these places for themselves, and for those who live here and have seen them already, to want to revisit them.

My pieces comprise both corporate and personal collections and have been displayed in group galleries settings in both Charleston and Beckley.

I am a juried artisan of Tamarack: The Best of West Virginia, and also have work that can be seen and purchased at the Cultural Center and at the Art Emporium, both in downtown Charleston.