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Emerging Artist Fellows to Travel West Virginia

The foundation’s Emerging Artist Fellows, ceramicist Hannah Lenhart and designer/illustrator Rosalie Haizlett, are preparing to travel the state for their new collaborative project Teapots and Time Capsules. The project is an artistic exploration of West Virginia that will take the fellows to five areas of the state where they will meet with members of the arts and humanities communities, such as local historians and artists, to learn the unique culture of each location. The fellows will then each create a piece of artwork inspired by their experience.

The fellows will document each stop of their trip, sketching on-site, taking photographs of interesting people and places that they encounter, and other activities. Anyone may follow their travels on Instagram by searching the hashtag #teatimewv and by following Hannah and Rosalie’s accounts.

We will also keep the foundation’s followers on Facebook and Instagram up to date on the fellows’ latest adventures.

The finished body of work will include whimsical tea sets by Hannah and hand-illustrated “time capsules” featuring portraits, landmarks, and other culturally-significant items by Rosalie. Rosalie will also create a series of greeting cards inspired by each location visited. The foundation will present the final series in an exhibition.

Hannah Lenhart (left), Rosalie Haizlett (right)

“The idea for the collaboration arose over coffee as Hannah and I discussed a common sentiment among our peers that there is little value in West Virginia. We both feel differently and are hopeful about the future of the state,” says Rosalie.

Hannah says, “The goal of this project is to get people from West Virginia excited about what all the state has to offer. With its rich history, iconic and beautiful landmarks, and of course the art and the artists that make the state that much more beautiful.”

Watch Hannah Lenhart Discuss Her Work

Watch Rosalie Haizlett Discuss Her Work