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Foundation U: 10 Questions to Grow Your Creative Business

Clayton Spangler | February 22, 2018

Answer the following 10 questions honestly.  You’ll find insight, see your business with a fresh perspective, and focus for growth.

  1. What do I love about my business? Why?


  1. What do I not love about my business? Why?


  1. What are 5 ways I can do more of what I love and less of what I don’t?


  1. Which clients do I love and which are my least favorite? Why?


  1. What are 5 ways I can spend more time working for the clients I love and less time working for my least favorite?


  1. What activities make me the most money and what make me the least money?


  1. What are 5 ways I can focus on activities that make the most money?


  1. What are 5 ways I can reduce or eliminate activities that make the least money?


  1. What activities take me the most time and what take the least time?


  1. What are 5 ways I can improve my efficiency or outsource activities that take the most time?

Goals change as we grow our businesses and ourselves. Remember to take stock of what you are trying to achieve. Set specific, measurable, action oriented, realistic, targeted goals.

Trying to reach too broad an audience can spread business owners thin. Identify your target audience. Focus on the clients who not only love your work, but clamor for more!


About the Author:     Clayton Spangler is Chair of the Tamarack Artisan Advisory Board and a professional photographer based out of Charleston, West Virginia.



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