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Foundation U: 5 Benefits of Joining the Creative Network

Renée Margocee | September, 2017



In late 2015, the Tamarack Foundation for the Arts surveyed West Virginia artists and creative entrepreneurs to learn more about their artistic practices and how the Foundation can best serve those pursuing arts-centered businesses. We were amazed at the number of makers who took time to share their stories with us. Thanks to the 500 artists who responded, we were able to identify common issues facing West Virginia creatives today.

Four themes surfaced again and again:

  • The desire for a stronger support network for creative entrepreneurs
  • Guidance on how to gain access to viable market opportunities and connect with new buyers
  • Strategies for responding to the loneliness facing many artists working in isolation
  • The need for a resource library featuring best practices for those pursuing the business of art

We responded by building the Creative Network, a new digital platform designed to directly address the issues facing many artists across West Virginia.

Please join us in building the Creative Network; a place to showcase your artwork, meet new clients, and connect with peers facing and creatively solving similar challenges.

  1. Get noticed on the West Virginia Creative Network


It’s time for artists and creatives to be a visible force in West Virginia. A collective voice is a stronger voice; together, we can reinforce the time honored truth that the arts are an integral part of healthy and prosperous communities.

To widen our circle, the Foundation promotes Creative Network artists through social media channels, so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

  1. Get connected to artists and creatives working in your local area

The Creative Network is searchable by county. Participation in the Creative Network provides a roadmap for those visiting your community, connecting your work with a new audience. Use this tool to discover artists living in your community or communities you plan to visit

  1. Get connected to artists and creatives working in your creative discipline across the state

The Creative Network is searchable by media and creative skills. Connecting with those working in specific mediums has never been easier!

  1. Connect with opportunities such as new and existing fairs & festivals, gallery shops , buyers representing retail shops and presenters of workshops and training geared toward creative entrepreneurs.

The Tamarack Foundation for the Arts Creative Network connects you with up to date opportunities for selling and showcasing your work in West Virginia and beyond our state’s borders. Need help with growing your business? We can help you find the resources that match your needs.

  1. The process is free, joining is simple and the opportunity is open to all WV creatives.

Join the Creative Network now and give voice to your creative practice


About the Author

Renée Margocee is a potter and Executive Director of Tamarack Foundation for the Arts based out of Charleston, West Virginia.

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