College Student Applications

The application process for the Tamarack Foundation for the Arts Emerging Artist Fellowship Program is now open.

We’re looking for artists who wish to be engaged leaders promoting the importance of the arts locally and throughout the state.

Emerging Artist Fellows are thriving early-career artists. They demonstrate not only a superior level of mastery in their craft, but also the aptitude to become successful professionals leading well-managed creative enterprises. Two fellows will be selected by an independent committee comprised of master-level artists and arts leaders from across the state of West Virginia.

June 14, 2019     Deadline for application


Nomination Process

Use the nomination form below for college students, which will be accepted from faculty and administrators in leadership roles from visual arts programs at accredited colleges and universities based in West Virginia, and each school may submit more than one (1) nomination.

College Nominee Form (for professors and academic leaders)

College Student Emerging Artist Nomination Form

Nominating Party Information

Nominee Information

Answer the following in regard to the candidate being nominated for a fellowship.

Nominee's Artistic Merit

Respond to each quality listed with reasons to support the statement. The candidate's body of work displays:
Does the design of the candidate's work relate an interesting or innovative approach to the form? An elevated sense of understanding or knowledge of form?
Does the candidate's work show an advanced understanding of how to manipulate and work with media used?
Does the design and execution of the candidate's work marry well to show an overall expression of noteworthy talent?

Nominee's Professional Promise

The nominee shows an elevated manner of professionalism in planning and completing school projects. Mark only one answer per question.
The nominee shows an elevated manner of professionalism in planning and completing school projects.
The nominee shows a keen sensibility for communication and collaboration with peers and professors.
Mark only one oval per row.
The nominee displays a passion for their artistic practice coupled with a sense of tenacity and drive to successfully complete projects.
In the face of negative feedback or potential failure regarding their creative projects, the nominee is able to flex, pivot, and switch their approach while maintaining a level of professionalism.
The nominee consistently projects self-confidence while also possessing the ability to self-reflect and be self-aware.
The nominee aggressively pursues new opportunities through the form of expanding their network, seeking guidance from experts, and seeking new chances to create and present work

Nominee's Potential

Please provide five photographs of the nominee's work. *
Maximum upload size: 5MB


Please direct questions to the foundation’s Executive Director Renee Margocee at [email protected]