The application process for the Tamarack Foundation for the Arts Emerging Artist Fellowship Program is now open. We’re looking for artists who wish to be engaged leaders promoting the importance of the arts locally and throughout the state. Emerging Artist Fellows are thriving early-career artists. They demonstrate not only a superior level of mastery in their craft, but also the aptitude to become successful professionals leading well-managed creative enterprises. Two fellows will be selected by an independent committee comprised of master-level artists and arts leaders from across the state of West Virginia. This application is for individuals who are not college students. You can self-nominate or have a former college professor, mentor, colleague, or other individual nominate you based on your work. Fellows will be evaluated based upon the level of mastery they have achieved in their creative practice as well as their aptitude and/or desire to achieve professional success. The final selections will be made by the Foundation’s independent Fellowships Committee, comprised of master-level artists and arts leaders from across the Mountain State. The Emerging Artist Fellowship is open to any West Virginia artist who meet the following qualifications:

    • A West Virginia resident who is 18 years or older.
    • Prepared to commit time to technical training and education.
    • Prepared to create and present artwork needed for an exhibition at an arts institution based in West Virginia.

June 14, 2019     Deadline for application

General Nomination Form (for individual, colleague, fellow artisan)

Non-College Student Emerging Artist Application Form.

Nominee Information

The candidate shows an elevated manner of professionalism.
The candidate displays a passion for their artistic practice.
The candidate can accept constructive feedback regarding their creative projects, consider a new approach or perspective, and maintain a high level of professionalism?
The candidate projects self-confidence with the ability to self-reflect or be self-aware.
The candidate pursues new opportunities through the use of expanding their network, seeking guidance from experts, and new opportunities to create and present their work.
Gallery of Work: provide three (3) examples of your work.
Maximum upload size: 5MB

Nominating Party Information (if different than above).


Please direct questions to the foundation’s Executive Director Renee Margocee at [email protected]