About the Tamarack Foundation

Growing the creative economy of West Virginia.

Emerging Artist Fellows with TFA Staff & artist Brian Michael Reed in Elkins, WV.

Growing the Creative Economy of West Virginia

MISSION | To nurture a vibrant and prosperous arts community, foster artistic excellence, and bring people together for powerful shared experiences that inspire a creative exchange of ideas.

VISION | A West Virginia where artists prosper from their creative practice and make meaningful contributions to the well-being of our communities.

PURPOSE | We seek to create a culture and sense of place that values creativity of all expressions and sustains artists and communities. 

Redefining West Virginia Through Creativity

As West Virginians, we are engaged in the urgent but elusive task of imagining a new economy.

Although some might feel this task has been delivered to us, not fully by choice, it represents an opportunity to recast ourselves and our state in a form that is by our own choosing.

Reimagining is what artists do and have always done. Art is one way of asserting who we are and what we value instead of accepting what others impose. It’s time that we consider, however, that the power of art might extend beyond reshaping narratives. Art can be a driving force behind growing and sustaining a vital new economy.

The Tamarack Foundation for the Arts is taking human-centric and community-centered approaches to support individuals, communities of practice, geographic communities, and people from impacted communities to define their challenges and design solutions that fit their artistic, cultural, and economic needs. We are drawing from our organizational experiences, learning from successful models and practices of reputable organizations, and, most importantly, listening to the creatives and communities we support.