Creative Career Resources

Learn to tell your story and dream your artful future into reality.

Building your CV/Resume

“How to Write an Artist CV that Makes You Look Legit” Article from Artwork Archive.

Q&A Video with Brian Michael Reed

Brian discusses his strategies for collaboration and building a lifelong international career.

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Art Career Books

Arts & Numbers
by Elaine Grogan Luttrull

Big Magic
by Elizabeth Gilbert

Your Artist Statement

Take some pressure off and draft your artist statement with this mad-libs style worksheet from the Tamarack Foundaton.

Telling Your Story Online

Learn the 5 C’s of cultivation.

Social Media 101: A Guide to Creating Your Online Presence

Download 5C’s Graphic

Q&A Video with Robby Moore

Robby tells us about how he communicate

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Photographing your Work

“4 Steps to Photographing Your Art Like a Professional” Article from Artwork Archive.

Q&A Video with Sassa wilkes

Sassa shares their secret to getting motivated for self directed projects and building community.

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