Jefferson County
B.A. Art (University of Maryland)
Drawing, Painting

Ann Sharp

The first thing, I as the artist, must do is learn to see. Not the casual recognition of things but a step beyond that. It is a totally consuming task to really see what is “out there” and then to translate the experience into paint. Each painting I do brings me closer to my goals. Each painting teaches me something new. Each painting helps me grow as an artist. Like many artists, I am seldom satisfied with my work. I try to stay with the goals I have set for myself…to make the relationships of the shapes and colors, not just the reporting of facts, the focus of my work. And, for me, there is nothing more rewarding than looking at my finished painting and knowing that it is another step forward. Each day that I spend in my studio teaches me to take greater risks. The journey is endless. The rewards are many.


I am a newly transplanted artist from Santa Fe, NM to Shepherstown, WV. I grew up in Annapolis, MD area and lived there until 2002. I am the former co-owner of the Studio Gallery in Easton, Maryland, and founding President of the Talbot County Visual Arts Center. I have been a professional artist for over ten years and now concentrate on portrait painting. I am currently the West Virginia ambassador for the Portrait Society of America.