Raleigh County
Painting, Photography

Beni Holley

The inspiration for my paintings come from my life long love of animals, particularly dogs, bringing me to specialize in pet and animal portraits. Pets hold a special place in our hearts with their unconditional love and individual personalities. It brings me great enjoyment and satisfaction to capture that character and unique personality on canvas. 
I paint with acrylic and oil and many of my paintings come from photos that I have taken.


I am a life long resident of West Virginia. I live with my musician husband, two dogs, a flock of egg laying hens, and a small community of bee hives, on a little plot of land in Raleigh County where the creek runs through and the wildlife have taken up residence.

I am a self taught artist who attempted my first painting after retirement from a thirty-two year career as a certified professional pet stylist …. an example of the old adage, “it’s never too late to try something new.”

I am also a member of the Beckley Art Group and a juried Tamarack artist.