Brooke Jewell

BJewell Studio began shortly after my family & I moved to West Virginia. For years my paintings were purely a personal journey, until my creation of “She Bee”. With the rise in awareness of the importance of bees, an Oregon paper asked to feature my painting on their cover in 2017. Shortly after, I began a several large commissions for a California family & the studio work has only continued to grow. As do I. Currently, my primary focus is in botanicals & the insects that often enjoy them. My subjects are often found by my lovely littles during walks or hikes in this beautiful Wild and Wonderful State as well as our many travels. I have also had several commissions of florals from wedding bouquets, personal flower favorites & custom sized canvas of pieces I have already created. I am loving every moment and learning at every turn. I hope to bring a touch of joy to any and all who find a smile on their faces when the view a piece of mine.


After spending the last 12 years as a buyer for an amazing boutique in Oregon, I decided to deepen my study in oil painting. I studied fine arts at the University of Oregon, Southern Oregon University 2000-2005. I became a published artist via Jacksonville Review (Jacksonville, Oregon) in 2017. Now, I have the mountains of West Virginia as the perfect backdrop for many of my most recent pieces.

Follow me on Instagram @bjewellstudio and watch each piece unfold in “real-time” as I explore our AMAZING world & the creations within it!