Drawing, Painting, Sculpting

Domi (Dominique) Williams

Art has to have feeling, craftsmanship and something to say. I strive for that. I develop my paintings from loose thumbnail sketches, either on paper or more often now on my iPad, then I draw on the canvas in charcoal and work in thin acrylics to establish shapes, composition, darks, lights.  I work fast with brushes until I’m satisfied that everything is balanced.  At this next stage I have to have a lot of open time and energy as I work with great intensity with painting knives. I now add white to my palette of buttery Italian paints. I use only 6 colors plus white. So this stage is the intuitive stage when I am totally zoned. I like to finish in one day but large pieces require more time.  And once the piece is dry, it is lightly varnished.  My work reflects who I am; it is of happy settings, colorful buildings, boats with clean water, calm landscapes, meals with friends.


My work in acrylic on canvas has won numerous awards at art festivals in the southern US in the past 20-some years. But that came only after a long artistic search .  I’ve worked in pastels, watercolors, pen and ink… also worked as a sculptress in hard woods and stone. It all started when I received my first box of oil paints as a child of 8 in Casablanca. That’s when a love of art was started.

Although I’ve had tutors I am mainly self taught. I believe that if you can read, you can learn from the best.  I’ve lived in West Virginia now for a few years and have been fascinated with the incredible landscapes, and the buildings.  There’s such history and charm.