Kanawha County
B.F.A Textile Design (Moore College of Art & Design)
Drawing, Graphic Design, Jewelry making, Painting, Textile Design & Artistry

Elizabeth Turner

Repetition, patterns, and linear shapes are at the core of my work. My pieces are born out of a need for mark making. There is a sense of comfort that I get when I am immersed in drawing and layering. The dynamic and tension of fluid vs. geometric vs. organic vs. strategic is what drives me. With this precise drawing practice comes controlled chaos. While I experiment with materials out of curiosity of my unknown, I am also aware of every trace I make. I’m meticulous and obsessive with each mark that I make, however in that process the materials morph into their own designs and patterns. While I think that I control my work, the work also controls me. The pieces are often experiments with various mediums that I let influence each mark and layer that I create. This process of the unknown can be challenging, but I push myself to embrace what I cannot control.


I am a mixed media artist living in Charleston, West Virginia. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Textile Design from Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, PA. I have worked for textile design companies and apprenticed with textile artists in Philadelphia, PA and Asheville, NC. I moved back to my hometown of Charleston, WV in 2008 and continue to expand my art making through various mediums. As Co-Director of Apartment Earth Gallery, I curate contemporary art exhibits that push the expected ideas of art and the artistic experience in the rural town. I am also currently the Operations Manager for the communication design studio, MESH Design and Development.