Fayette County

Ginger Danz

Making art has always been part of who I am; very rarely do I view something beautiful without calculating how to capture it in a painting! I believe that every person has a creative core which is expressed in some way, be it refinishing furniture, repairing cars, baking cakes or redecorating the living room. My aim as an artist is to connect with my viewers’ creative center, by making authentic and personally meaningful art.

I prefer the rich, buttery texture and versatility of acrylic paint, which I use over pencil or marker sketches. I paint primarily on wood panels and primed paper because of the interesting textural effects, and I use brushes, painting knives, and even old credit cards for moving the paint around the surface. Recently I have found inspiration in the beautiful shapes & colors and quirky personalities of the animals at my friends’ Oak Hill farm. I have also long been attracted to geometric shapes, and am working on a series of pieces using diamonds in abstracted landscape settings to explore design elements such as color, shape and line.

Visit youtube to get a sneak peek into my creative process:


I was born and raised in a small town in Indiana, and have been drawing & painting for as long as I can remember. I enjoyed a long career in mental health counseling, using art as a personal creative outlet and stress reliever. I moved to West Virginia with my husband in 1998 and we are raising a daughter in the beautiful New River Gorge area. After jurying into Tamarack in 2010, I decided to pursue a full-time career in art, and I have never looked back.

I serve as Chair of the Fayetteville Arts Coalition, and teach art to elementary kids at the New River Gorge Learning Cooperative, a Montessori-based learning center in Fayetteville. When I’m not in the studio or volunteering, you can find me playing board games with my 10 year old, running the National Park trails or baking brownies to feed my insatiable sweet tooth.

My work can be seen at WV Fine Artisans Gallery in Lewisburg, Art Emporium and Apartment Earth Gallery in Charleston, and Tamarack and Beckley Art Center in Beckley, as well as Fayetteville restaurants Cathedral Cafe and Vandal’s Kitchen.