Tucker County
Drawing, Painting, Sculpting

Holly Hinkle

I am always learning and growing as an artist, right now I am knee deep in oil painting and drawing. I have always been fascinated with faces and much of my work over the years were abstract faces. I am currently exploring that in a new way by doing portraits in a much more realistic manner, but incorporating my love of color in the mix. I am also exploring landscapes more in my work, more to stretch my creative muscles more than anything else.


In 2001, I am a self-taught artist whom began painting as a means of dealing with family tragedies. My favorite mediums are oil , and oil pastels. I love the immediacy of oil pastels because I like to work fast. I was born in Detroit, but moved a lot growing up, to a farm , to Mission Beach in California , to the heartland of industry in Ohio and then to an island in Michigan on Lake St. Clair. My subjects in my work vary as much as my scenery did when I was growing up. I paint in my pre-civil war log cabin home studio which is tucked in the woods , on a mountain top in West Virginia. Biggest influences on my art were the fauvist’s Marc Chagall, Matisse and Andre Derain.