Tucker County
Painting, Sculpting

Holly Hinkle

Iconography to me, is not just making art, it is creating an image that is beautiful and has a sense of awe to it. I study all I can about my particular subject. I enjoy each step in making the icon, from the colors and their meanings, to the drawing and laying out of the sketch, and lastly to the finished painting. I surprise myself as I work on them, because it is such a slow process. I don’t always see the finished art in my head until the very last strokes of my brush.


I have been painting for almost 15 years and have played around with acrylics, oils, oil pastels, pen and ink, and 3-dimensional wood art developing my skills with each medium. Last year, I started an interest in Byzantine iconography . I read and studied all I could since that time. I love working in egg tempera and creating my own pigments using our farm fresh eggs. The process of painting an icon takes lots of patience and study. The colors used have meaning,and the composition and each item placed within the composition represents something divine.