Kanawha County
Drawing, Graphic Design, Installation Art Design & Production, Jewelry making, Leather Crafting, Painting, Photography, Public Art Design & Production, Sound

J. Travis Morton (金棕兔)

My inspiration comes from wordlessness; things that can be felt and thought that have no language other than line, shape, color, movement, and balance. I am enthralled by the complexity of the human experience, and try to create work that can be interpreted by each viewer in whatever way connects with them. “What is it?” It’s me times you.


I am an artist from Charleston, West Virginia, specializing in acrylic paintings on wrapped canvas. I am stylistically influenced by early 20th Century Art Deco designs, Meso-American and Celtic motifs, and modern hard edge painters such as Karl Benjamin, Frank Stella, Charmion Von Wiegand, Bob Pepper, and Paul Klee. I am self-trained and hand draw each design with no straight-edge, no compass; all freehand. All edges are painted by hand with no masking whatsoever. Steady precision of line and shape are hallmarks of my work. My use of color is also highly experimental, with combinations that vibrate, and metallics that shine.