Creation Photography
Greenbrier County

Jill Highlander

Creation Photography became a business in 2006. I have travelled all 50 states and I still feel as though I live in the most beautiful state of all. I am inspired by the diversity and wonders that God created for my enjoyment. I find it a privilege to share the blessings of creation with you through the lens of my camera. I see beauty in various landscapes and living creatures.


I am a self-taught photographer. I was born and raised in Greenbrier County, West Virginia. I left the area for a few years, returned to my roots, married, and still reside in the Appalachian Mountains. I worked for 20 years in my profession as a Radiologic Technologist. Now my images depict subjects outside the human body. I have admired photography since I was a young child. When circumstances changed my direction in life I decided to get serious about it. Three different years I entered photographs in the state fair, and all three years I was awarded multiple ribbons. My motivation was nudged when my mom wanted a picture of a hummingbird. I looked around and couldn’t resist the beauty of my surroundings.