Basketmaking, Drawing, Jewelry making, Sculpting, Textile Design & Artistry, Woodworking

Lee Anne Barnes

I have to create and what better places to find inspiration than childhood and nature. Being a kid of the sixties in small town West Virginia filled me adventure and wonder. My patch of woods drew me in and nurtured my imagination and curiosity. The dolls I create are inspired by those experience: the past times of summer, the beings I was sure lived in my woods, the story books I read and reread. My dolls come from those days. I want to pass on the freedom and joy of childhood. I bring each doll to life to create the magic of imagination for the children of today.

In addition to doll making, my love of vintage Christmas decorations has led me to learn the age old art of German feather tree making. My trees are made from hand dyed goose feathers. It is fascinating to watch a tree come to life as feathers are wrapped around wire to form branches.


I have been a cloth doll designer for over twenty five years. I live and work in Fairmont, West Virginia. I have created many dolls from one of a kind art dolls to cloth dolls to be cuddled and played with. I have had work displayed in several galleries including Tamarack: The Best of West Virginia, The Frank and Jane Gabor Folk Life Center, Stifel Fine Arts Center, and Very Special Arts Gallery in Washington, D.C. I have attended classes with well known doll artists such as Patty Medaris Culea, Christine Shively, Julie McCullough, Shelly Thornton, Robert Tonner, Dawn Schiller and Cyndi Mahlstadt. I have researched and presented programs on the history of the cloth doll and was part of a gallery display showcasing the history of textiles in West Virginia.