Monongalia County
A.A.B Digital Media (Eastern Gateway Community College)
B.F.A. Printmaking (West Virginia University)
Drawing, Printmaking

Leslie Norris

Printmaking allows me to reproduce my work with or without variation. My work explores some of the same themes that the Pop Art printmakers were involved with using the ideas of reproduction and contextual cultural referencing.

I am drawn to the images that I grew up with: toys, games, commercial packaging, and modern variations of these things. My work is at once retro and socially subversive. I am saying, “Hey, look at this! We are surrounded by these images but we don’t notice them!” It’s as if my work comes from the leavings, the rags and bones, the detritus of a cultural parade that has just gone by. I am simply reassembling the pieces in personal and subjective ways and plastering my world with pictures.


My name is Leslie Norris and I am a silkscreen printmaker. I create and hand-pull my work inside of my tiny studio and home in Morgantown, West Virginia. I spent the majority of my childhood in Hancock County, playing in the woods and backstreets of a little pottery town named Newell in the tip-top of West Virginia. While time and industry have forgotten much of what that community has to offer, the environment and the people of that small town have left a lasting impression on me and the work that I create.

I attended West Virginia University and obtained my Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Printmaking. I have participated in group exhibitions all over the country- from Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas all the way home to Morgantown, West Virginia. I have had work in several juried exhibitions, including two at the College of Creative Arts here in Morgantown. You can check out some of my work and see what I am up to on my website or online @sugarpoppress.