Marshall County
Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Leather Crafting

Matt Ali

In 1998, I was in college at West Virginia University and bought a new pistol that needed a holster, and since my dad had messed around with leatherwork years earlier, we thought it might be fun to make one. We ordered a kit to make my new holster and he taught me the basics. It has grown steadily over the years from a hobby to an art that I am proud to call my own.


Two of my passions have always been making music and creating art, and working with leather satisfies both of these.

I am a born and bred proud West Virginian, and my artistic roots run deep here. My great-grandfather designed many of the intricate patterns that became the cut crystal of the world-renowned Seneca Glass in Morgantown. Today, I am carrying on his legacy of a hand-crafted, premium West Virginia product.

After taking up leatherwork in the late ’90s, I had the opportunity to create custom guitar straps for our hometown hero, Brad Paisley, and my work and passion has been growing ever since. I have been fortunate enough to work with many of the biggest names in the music industry, and have expanded my product offerings to reach a much wider audience.