Ashleigh Garrett

Lincoln County


B.F.A. in Graphic Design (Marshall Univeristy)working on M.A.T.


Though I specialize in charcoal and graphite, I occasionally incorporate fabric, glass, and colored pencils to bring an extra element into my work. The inspiration behind my personal work is beauty, the main subjects being portraits (both human and animal) and nature. I am constantly exploring the beauty around me. Nature speaks to us in a quiet, almost silent voice. These are moments that fill us with amazement, awe, and silence. Not all of these moments are dramatic and could be as simple as stargazing or watching wishes on a dandelion float away. I strive to portray these moments in my work as well as the spiritual connections we have with each other and nature. I want to share the inspiration that our connections are beautiful. I strive to share these sensations and emotions that can’t be described.


I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design and minor in Marketing from Marshall University in 2016. My studies included various studio courses in design, drawing, fabric design, art history, and photography. Currently I work as a designer for Better Foods, Inc. (Tudor’s Biscuit World & Gino’s Pizza) in Nitro, West Virginia. Previous jobs include working at a print shop and as a designer for an event management company designing for international and national organizations.

I have exhibited locally and nationally with various illustration works focused around nature. Recent exhibitions include Putnam Tastes & Talents at Italian Grille, Gimme Shelter at Ciel Gallery in Charlotte, NC, and a juried show at Apartment Earth Gallery in Charleston, WV. Illustration-wise I am self-taught, specializing in charcoal and graphite portraits. I began drawing when I was 10 years old and have since strived to develop my skills to create eye-catching works that viewers can connect with.

Other Creative Skills

Drawing, Graphic Design, Photography, Printmaking, Textile Design & Artistry, Video

Ashleigh Garrett's Work

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