Buffy Six

Cabell County

B.A. Multimedia Journalism (Marshall University)


About Buffy Six

Studio Six Creative takes WV cryptids and turns them into #SexyBeasts. Who doesn’t want to see Braxxie in lingerie? And everyone has imagined what abs Bigfoot has hiding under all of that hair. If you’ve seen the Mothman statue, then you already know how much cake he is carrying. Studio Six Creative is all about making art that makes people smile. If you’re smiling, then I’ve done my job.


I love to create art that makes people smile and laugh, and my most recognizable art is the #SexyBeasts sticker collection. I created 7 different WV cryptids, but then I added a little *spice.* As a Flatwoods, WV native, I started first with Braxxie. Aside from the cryptids, I also paint canvases, design logos, design tattoo ideas, and all sorts of fun stuff. I do not have any official training; I’m just someone who has ideas and makes them happen.

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